BT Series 8" Passive Bass Tubes

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  • Bass Tubes enclosure design for maximum efficiency

  • Space efficient design

  • Optimized for "corner loading" for maximum output



Want the best of both worlds? If you want bass to complete your audio system, but don’t want to shatter windows or sacrifice cargo room, these Bass Tubes are perfect!

Straight from the original Bass Tubes Enclosure, these Bass Tubes are the perfect solution to the lack of bass in most car audio systems. They have an 8-inch, high-power handling woofer that can restore the missing low end in your system without sacrificing that coveted storage space in your trunk. 150 watts get these subs pumping, thanks to the super efficient Bass Tubes enclosure.

  • Great behind the seats of full-size pickups or in the trunks of sedans, coupes and hatchbacks
  • Perfect for multi-channel setups. Use with a 4-channel amplifier for a great sounding, easy-to-install system
  • Comes with straps for secure mounting

Support Materials

Bass Tubes Manual


  • Frequency Response 39HZ-1500HZ
  • Crossover None
  • Protection No
  • Power Handling 150 watts (Max)
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity 102 dB
  • Recommended Power 6 - 125 watts (rms)
  • Voice Coil Size 2" high power/high temp.
  • Magnet Weight 36 oz
  • Height 10.125 in.
  • Width 8.65 in
  • Length 19 in.


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