"My car's radio just doesn't sound as good as my home stereo."
Mary T.: 28, Nurse, Memphis, TN.
That’s because you need bass. Everybody needs bass, the question is, how much.

For example: If you were in your car listening to rock, rap, blues, country, or even classical, you would hear about 70% of the music that was recorded. The standard speakers in your car are not capable of reproducing bass. With the addition of a bass speaker, you get to experience that additional 30% of the music the artist intended for you to hear.

Another way to put it is, “The rhythm is in the bass!” The part of music that stirs people, gets their heart pumping, their emotions flowing and their feet tapping is the rhythm section. And, to experience the rhythm, you need bass.

Experience More
Imagine your favorite band. Now imagine your favorite band without a drummer, bass player, or lead guitar. Bass lets you experience your music the way the band wanted you to hear it.