The newest member of the Bazooka family of Tubbie speakers are finally shipping. These new Tubbies take advantage of all of the features of their Marie Tubbie counterparts, but come with a sleek Camouflage finish to appeal to the ever popoular ATV market. Capitalizing on the newest trend by ATV owners to outfit their Quads and UTV's with suped up stereo systems, BAZOOKA has designed these new Tubbies to work in alot of different situations.

Offering both surface and clamp type mounting hardware, these tubbies can be mounted on virutally any type of ATV. And, because they are an evolution of the Marine Tubbies, these Outdoor Tubbies are waterproof and rugged enough to take an "off road" kind of beating.

When you use these new Tubbies, they might not be able to see you, but you can bet they'll hear you!

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Mounting Clamps sold separately.

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