Bazooka introduces the world’s first ever 12 inch Bass Tubes® subwoofers.

January 3, 2007 – Southern Audio Services Inc. (SAS), manufacturer of the Bazooka® Mobile Audio line of tube subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers, announces the arrival of the larges Bass Tubes® subwoofer in history. After significant investment in machinery and design and engineering, Bazooka is pleased to unveil the all new 12 inch Bazooka at CES.

The all new 12 is available in two variants, the 4 ohm single voice coil BT1214, and the dual 4 ohm voice coil BT1224DVC. Borrowing from the designs of its legendary predecessors, the 12 inch Bass Tube Enclosure is a ported design for maximum efficiency. The enclosure, coupled with a specially designed 12 inch subwoofer offers substantial output over conventional sealed enclosure designs. When powered by even modest amplifiers, the BT1214 provides deep, hard hitting bass sure to please even the most bass starved music lover. The size, shape, and design of the BT1214 and BT1224DVC make them ideal for enthusiasts in SUV’s, sedans, and hatchbacks. “The 12 inch is the most requested product that we’ve never made,” says Jon Jordan, President and CEO of SAS. “When we recently made an investment in new machinery for production, we decided to give the people what they want!”

SAS is best known for the legendary Bazooka® subwoofer featuring the patented Bass Tubes® enclosure design as well as a full line of Mobile Audio Products. For more information, press should contact or see

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