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Model #: I4700K

The iConnects Stage2 takes the value of the iConnects install kit to the next level. All Stage2 kits contain our twisted pair, Stage2 interconnect with metal ends, and come with blue and silver power wire. All of the hardware in these kits is platinum coloured and satin finished.

Kit Includes:
18' Of 4 Gauge Pro Series Red Power Cable
3' Of 4 Gauge Pro Series Black Ground Cable
18'of 18 Gauge Blue Remote Turn On Cable
30'of 18 Blue Speaker Cable
Pro Series ANL Mini Fuse Holder With Fuse
Nickel Plated Copper Ring Terminals
Assorted Wire Ties
5M Pro Series Shielded Blue RCA Cable
Instruction Sheet
Suitable for a total system power of up to 600 watts

100% Oxygen Free Copper and TRUE Gauge guarantee!

This kit is guaranteed to be made with 100% Oxygen Free copper and conform to American Wire Gauge (AWG) standards. Beware of inexpensive kits that do not meet these standards and can be harmful to your amplifier and your car's electrical system.

Price #: $89.99

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