TVB-141 - Triangle Vented Box with one RX-T1 Subwoofer

Model #: TVB-141

A Patent-Pending triangle-shaped enclosure to complement the RX Series Triangle Subwoofers. At just under 1.3 cubic feet, the TVB-141 (Tri-Vent Box with one RXT1 subwoofer) will fit easily in most vehicles. This enclosure utilizes some of the same physics properties of Bazooka's patented Bass Tubes® enclosure design. The TVB-141 has a front firing woofer and 3 front firing vents and is constructed of MDF. This radically different alternative to conventional subwoofers and enclosures features a unique triple venting scheme that effectively tunes the system for added efficiency and increased usable frequency response.

Price #: $149.95

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