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MGW1514 - Mardi Gras Series 15 inch 4ohm Woofer

Model #: MGW1514


The Grand Poobah of the party. Bazooka's first EVER 15" woofer!

You can't exactly "Let the Good Times Roll" without drums to get the second line moving in time. That's why we have designed these woofers to bang enough BASS to keep the whole Krewe rollin! And, with the patented CHIL compatibility built into these woofers, the party can stay cool all night long. These woofers feature large foam edge rolls, reinforced poly cones, large voice coils, and oversized magnets. Just like all Mardi Gras series products from Bazooka, these woofers are designed with one thing in mind...keeping the Good Times Rollin!

Price #: $149.95

Installation Manual
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MGW1514 Specification

Power Handling --------------------------------- 500
Power Handling with Liquid Cooling --------------------------------- 750
Impedance --------------------------------- 4 ohm
Sensitivity --------------------------------- 89dB
Recommended Power --------------------------------- 50w - 500w (RMS)
Voice Coil Size --------------------------------- 2.5 inch
Magnet Weight --------------------------------- 40 oz.
Fs --------------------------------- 27
Qts --------------------------------- .56
Qms --------------------------------- 7.21
Qes --------------------------------- .61
Vas --------------------------------- 4.5
Xmax --------------------------------- .32
Re --------------------------------- 3.4
le --------------------------------- 92
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