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MGW1024PT - pHat Tuesday 10 inch 4 ohm DVC Woofer

Model #: MGW1024PT


With all the party pumping power the pHat Tuesday amps are kicking, we designed some woofers that can take a beating. With power handling in excess of 750 watts, and an all new cone design for maximum rigidity under extreme power conditions, the pHat Tuesday woofers keep the beat going as long as you do. Extra pHat rubber edge rolls and HUGE voce coils, in addition to CHIL compatibility means these woofers are the perfect match to the pHat power the MGA11000H and MGA15000H pHat Tuesday amps pump out.

Price #: $99.95

Installation Manual
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Preview or Safari is needed to view the manuals.

MGW1024PT Specification

Power Handling --------------------------------- Max 700 watts
Power Handling with Liquid Cooling --------------------------------- Max 1050 watts
Impedance --------------------------------- dual 4 ohm
Sensitivity --------------------------------- 85.4 dB
Recommended Power --------------------------------- 50w - 350w (RMS)
Voice Coil Size --------------------------------- 2''
Magnet Weight --------------------------------- 40 oz
Fs --------------------------------- 30
Qts --------------------------------- 0.49
Qms --------------------------------- 7.08
Qes --------------------------------- 0.53
Vas --------------------------------- 1.23
Xmax --------------------------------- 0.20
Re --------------------------------- 1.8
le --------------------------------- 0.67
Power Handling --------------------------------- RMS 350
Power Handling with Liquid Cooling --------------------------------- RMS 525
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