BT1024DVC - BT Series 10 inch 4 ohm Dual Passive Tube

Model #: BT1024DVC

The biggest single concern most Car Audio Enthusiasts have when it comes to subwoofers is "How do I get tons of bass without giving up all of my trunk space?"

Here to answer that question is the BT1024DVC. Descended directly from the original Bass Tubes Enclosure, the BT1024DVC is the biggest, baddest Bass Tube built by Bazooka. With a 10-inch, Dual Voice Coil high power handling woofer, it's got the power to please all but the hungriest bass freaks, while still leaving room in the trunk for plenty of storage space.

The BT1024DVC is the single voice coil, 8 ohm version.
This 400 watt monster is also super efficient, thanks to the Bass Tubes Enclosure . Which means you don't have to break the bank (or the car's electrical system) buying a 1000 watt amplifier, (and HUGE power wiring!) Recommended power for the BT1024DVC is any amplifier 100 watts and up.

As with all Bazooka Bass Tubes Enclosures , the BT1024DVC comes with straps to keep the sub securely mounted, while still making removal quick and easy if you need even more cargo room. Optional Chrome-Plated UMS Brackets make for a flashier look, as well as a more secure, permanent mounting when removal isn't a problem.

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Price #: $169.95

BT1024DVC Specification

Power Handling --------------------------------- 500 watts (Max)
Impedance --------------------------------- Dual 4 Ohm
Sensitivity --------------------------------- 104 dB
Frequency Response --------------------------------- 39HZ-1000HZ
Crossover --------------------------------- none
Recommended Power --------------------------------- 6-200 watts/channel
Voice Coil Size --------------------------------- 2" high power/high temp.
Magnet Weight --------------------------------- 36 oz.
Height --------------------------------- 12.250"
Width --------------------------------- 10.375"
Length --------------------------------- 20.750"
UMS10A - Universal Mounting System - 10"
Universal Mounting System for use with 10 inch Bazooka Bass
UMS-LK - Universal Mounting System - Link Kit
Universal Mounting System Bracket for use with multiple UMS
ST10 - Parts-10" Black Mounting Straps for Tubes
10" Mounting Kit
Replacement Parts
WF1042DV - 10 inch 4 ohm DVC replacement woofer
10 inch 4 ohm dual voice coil woofer for use in RS Passive S