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VSE-TUN-DC-04 - Toyota Tundra Vehicle Specific Enclosure (2004-2006)

Model #: VSE-TUN-DC-04

Vehicle Specific Enclosure designed specifically for the Toyota D-cab Tundra (year models 2004-2006). Easily drops into the existing tool box pocket under the back seat and features a High efficiency 6" woofer with a Built-in 100 watt amplifier. No cutting, drilling, or splicing is required. Factory interface cables available for both the Standard and JBL premium sound systems. Interface cables sold seperately.

This product has been discontinued

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Price #: $124.95

Installation Manual
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VSE-TUN-DC-04 Specification

Power Output --------------------------------- 100W
Channels --------------------------------- 1
Frequency Response --------------------------------- 35Hz - 150Hz
Fuse --------------------------------- 10 amp
Crossover --------------------------------- Yes
Battery Voltage Range --------------------------------- 10.5-14.4
Crossover Range --------------------------------- Fixed @ 85Hz
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