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TA850C - Bazooka 8 Inch 50 Watt Tube

Model #: TA850C

Marketed exclusively through large big box retailers, this 8 inch version of the legendary Bazooka Bass Tubes enclosure features an extremely efficient 8 inch subwoofer, coupled to a 50 watt amplifier.

Use our F.A.S.T. harnesses to make installation even easier! At $49, they’re an easy way to protect your vehicle’s warranty by making installation a simple, plug-in process. The T-shaped harness has 3 ends: 1 plugs into your car’s OE radio, 1 plugs into the plug you removed from the OE radio, and the 3rd end runs all the way back to the rear of the car and plugs into your TA850C Bazooka subwoofer. Great for leased vehicles, the our F.A.S.T. systems are available most popular cars.

As with all Bazooka Bass Tubes Enclosures , the TA850C comes with straps to keep the sub securely mounted, while still making removal quick and easy if you need even more cargo room. Optional Chrome-Plated UMS Brackets give a flashier look, as well as a more secure, permanent mounting when removal isn't a problem.

This product was a newer version of the TA850 and is no longer available through SAS. Both the TA850 and TA850C have been replaced with our NEW BTA850FH.

Price #: $149.95

Installation Manual
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Preview or Safari is needed to view the manuals.

TA850C Specification

Voltage --------------------------------- 12
Power Output --------------------------------- 50 watts
Impedance --------------------------------- 2 ohms
Frequency Response --------------------------------- 39-250Hz
Protection --------------------------------- no
Max Power Output --------------------------------- 50 watts
Hi Input Level --------------------------------- yes
Battery Voltage Range --------------------------------- 10.5-14.4
Crossover Range --------------------------------- 250Hz
Bass EQ --------------------------------- no
Auxillary Fuse --------------------------------- no
Remote Control --------------------------------- no
RCA Input --------------------------------- yes
Hi Level Input --------------------------------- yes
Auto Turn On --------------------------------- yes
Subsonic Filter --------------------------------- no
Voice Coil Size --------------------------------- 1 inch
Magnet Weight --------------------------------- 23 oz.
Height --------------------------------- 10"
Width --------------------------------- 8.5"
Length --------------------------------- 18"
UMS8A - Universal Mounting System - 8"
Universal Mounting System for use with 8 inch Bazooka Bass T
UMS-LK - Universal Mounting System - Link Kit
Universal Mounting System Bracket for use with multiple UMS
FAST-9999 - FAST interface - UNIVERSAL
Can't find a Vehicle Specific FAST harness, but want to make
FAST-BTAH - FAST Extension Cable
Once you've used the Vehicle Specific FAST adapter, this har
ST8 - Parts-8" Black Mounting Straps for Tubes
8" Mounting Kit
Replacement Parts
ELA-HP-AWK - Parts-Wiring Harness for ELA or ELA-HP Tubes
Wiring kit includes ELA-Harness, power wire, connectors, scr
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