MGA11000H - pHat Tuesday 1 x 1000 Watt Amplifier

Model #: MGA11000H


If you insist on the highest possible sound quality with unmatched performance and reliability, then our pHat Tuesday amps are for you!

Built with no compromises in engineering or construction, the pHat Tuesday monoblock amps feature cutting edge Class H technology to delivery you the most performance and reliability possible from any competition grade amplifier.
Intelligent Power Management to insure they play longer, louder, and cleaner.
Competition grade Preamp: (Including variable crossovers, subsonic filters, master/slave configuration, level controls, bass boot, phase controls, strapable configuration, high level inputs, and more)
Advanced Protection Circuit
Diagnostic Feedback to warn of install or system defaults BEFORE they become a problem.
1 Ohm stability.
Remote Level Control included.

Price #: $399.95

MGA11000H Specification

Voltage --------------------------------- 10.5VDC-15.0VDC
Sensitivity --------------------------------- 250mV - 6V
Frequency Response --------------------------------- 12Hz-200Hz
Fuse --------------------------------- 30A x 4
Crossover --------------------------------- LP
Protection --------------------------------- short, thermal, overload
Max Power Output --------------------------------- 1500 watts
Power @ 4 OHM --------------------------------- 534Wx1
Power @ 2 OHM --------------------------------- 1008Wx1
Power @ 1 OHM --------------------------------- 780Wx1
Signal To Noise Ratio --------------------------------- >71dB
Hi Input Level --------------------------------- 500mV - 12V
Battery Voltage Range --------------------------------- 10.5VDC - 15VDC
Crossover Range --------------------------------- 30Hz-250Hz
Bass EQ --------------------------------- 15dB @ 45Hz
Remote Control --------------------------------- supplied
RCA Input --------------------------------- Yes
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