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NOS8A - 8" Amplified Nitrous-Oxide Inspired Subwoofer

Model #: NOS8A

Comes with a built in 150 watt amplifier with built in crossover, and YES, THE BOTTLE VALVE IS THE GAIN CONTROL! Without question, the wildest and most original subwoofer enclosure design in the history of car audio. Strap this monster in your ride for a quick and easy Bass Boost. Use it alone, in pairs, or even mount it next to your existing Nitrous Oxide system. This 8” subwoofer is simply a Bazooka subwoofer with the Bass Tubes enclosure camouflaged to look like a Nitrous bottle. This unit comes complete with tank, cosmetic nozzle, braided hookup wire, and a complete mounting kit.

(Exception: This product does not have high level inputs. You must use low level RCA inputs)

This product is no longer available through SAS.

Price #: $299.95

Installation Manual
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Preview or Safari is needed to view the manuals.

NOS8A Specification

Power Output --------------------------------- 150 Watts
Impedance --------------------------------- 4 ohms
Sensitivity --------------------------------- 102dB
Frequency Response --------------------------------- 39HZ-1500HZ
Crossover --------------------------------- LP
Max Power Output --------------------------------- 150 watts
Battery Voltage Range --------------------------------- 10.5VDC-15.0VDC
Voice Coil Size --------------------------------- 1.5" high power/high temp.
Magnet Weight --------------------------------- 28 oz.
Length --------------------------------- 27"
Replacement Parts
WF841.5 - 8 inch 4 ohm replacement woofer
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