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BTA8100 - BT Series 8 inch 100 watt Amplified Tube

Model #: BTA8100

As all in one solutions go, you simply can’t beat the 100W Amplified Bass Tubes by Bazooka. Designed to be a simple-to-install, yet effective upgrade to your car’s existing mobile audio system, the 100W Bass Tubes feature a 100 watt, 2-channel amplifier built right in, coupled to a dual voice coil woofer. Since the amplifier has a built in crossover to remove the high frequencies the woofer cannot play from the signal, you get exactly what you need—crisp, clean bass and nothing more. When connected to your system, the end result is seamless integration, both electrically and audibly, yielding sound quality your factory autosound system simply can’t touch.

The BTA8100 features a 8 inch dual voice coil subwoofer, and fits in places most subs can’t. The 8 inch works great behind the seat of mid-size and full-size trucks, the trunks of sedans or hatchbacks. Simply point it into the rear corner to take advantage of the Bass Tubes Enclosure , and you’re rockin’ in no time!

Use our F.A.S.T. harnesses to make installation even easier! At $49, they’re an easy way to protect your vehicle’s warranty by making installation a simple, plug-in process. The T-shaped harness has 3 ends: 1 plugs into your car’s OE radio, 1 plugs into the plug you removed from the OE radio, and the 3rd end runs all the way back to the rear of the car and plugs into your A100 Bazooka subwoofer. Great for leased vehicles, the our F.A.S.T. systems are available most popular cars.

The perfect accessory the BTA8100 is the RBCM, allowing you to control the amount of bass from the driver's seat, simply add the optional plug in Remote Bass Control Module (RBCM)!

As with all Bass Tubes Enclosures , the BTA8100 comes with straps to keep the sub securely mounted, while still making removal quick and easy if you need even more cargo room. Optional Chrome-Plated UMS Brackets give a flashier look, as well as a more secure, permanent mounting when removal isn't a problem.

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Price #: $229.95


Installation Manual
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BTA8100 Specification

Power Handling --------------------------------- 100 watts
Power Output --------------------------------- 100 watts
Impedance --------------------------------- 2 ohms DVC
Frequency Response --------------------------------- 35HZ-85HZ
Fuse --------------------------------- 7.5 amp Inline
Crossover --------------------------------- yes
Battery Voltage Range --------------------------------- 10.5-14.4 vdc
Crossover Range --------------------------------- fixed @ 85 Hz
Bass EQ --------------------------------- no
Auxillary Fuse --------------------------------- no
Remote Control --------------------------------- RBCM-100 Optional
RCA Input --------------------------------- yes
Hi Level Input --------------------------------- yes
Auto Turn On --------------------------------- yes
Subsonic Filter --------------------------------- no
Voice Coil Size --------------------------------- 1.5" high power/high temp.
Magnet Weight --------------------------------- 28 oz.
Height --------------------------------- 10"
Width --------------------------------- 8.5"
Length --------------------------------- 18.5"
RBCM-100 - Remote Bass Control Knob for BTAxx100 Series
Remote Bass Control Unit for use with ELAxx-HP, BTAxx100, an
UMS8A - Universal Mounting System - 8"
Universal Mounting System for use with 8 inch Bazooka Bass T
FAST-9999 - FAST interface - UNIVERSAL
Can't find a Vehicle Specific FAST harness, but want to make
FAST-BTAH - FAST Extension Cable
Once you've used the Vehicle Specific FAST adapter, this har
ST8 - Parts-8" Black Mounting Straps for Tubes
8" Mounting Kit
Replacement Parts
ELA-HP-AWK - Parts-Wiring Harness for ELA or ELA-HP Tubes
Wiring kit includes ELA-Harness, power wire, connectors, scr
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