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CHIL-PLUG - C.H.I.L. Liquid Cooling Woofer Adapter

Model #: CHIL-PLUG

The C.H.I.L. Plug is a simple, threaded aluminum “post” that screws into any Bazooka Component Subwoofer. It has one inlet and one outlet for the liquid, and an internal baffle ensures liquid flows the entire length of the device. The concept is simple—The aluminum C.H.I.L. plug screws deep into the woofer’s motor structure, and the aluminum easily conducts heat from the magnet structure into the liquid—and once the heat’s in the liquid, the C.H.I.L. Kit does the rest—Moving heat away from the woofer where it can cause things like early glue failures and burnt voice coils and towards the kit’s radiator, where the heat can finally be released into the ambient air.

Price #: $12.99

Installation Manual
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