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CHIL-FTG - C.H.I.L. Thru-Box Fittings

Model #: CHIL-FTG

By now, most everyone who's looking into liquid cooling thier woofers is wondering exactly how to get the liquid cooling tubes into the woofer enclosure. After all, everyone knows that a terminal cup or a simple drill hole will suffice for wiring, but how exactly are you supposed to get l3/8” tubing into the box? The freaks at Bazooka Mobile Audio make this simple, too, with the C.H.I.L. FTG, an easy to use fitting to make this as easy as drilling a hole. Simply pop a ½” hole into the enclosure, slide the fitting through, and fasten the fitting with the supplied nut and washer on the inside of the enclosure. Connect your liquid cooling lines to the internal and external sides of the fitting, and you’re done! The result is a finished looking way to get your juices flowing into and out of your woofers.

Price #: $9.99

Installation Manual
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