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MT81LKW - 8 Inch White Lighted Marine Tubbies

Model #: MT81LKW

Wakeboard Tower Speakers

FEATURING an LED Dock Light! Now you can not only hear, but SEE what's going on!

With a NEW slim line, aerodynamic design, improved automotive paint grade finish, and 360 degree rotating, hidden wire, quick disconnect clamps these new Tubbies are the culmination of all things good from Bazooka. Featuring the same unprecedented performance, ported enclosure, true Marine grade speakers, composite baskets, 12dB crossovers, and stainless steel mounting hardware this next generation of Bazooka Tubbies are our best yet. And, like previous versions, these Tubbies use the same quality of speaker as our regular Marine speakers, insuring they are "voice matched" to deliver the same clarity of sound when installed together. This lets the boarder enjoy the same sound quality as everyone else in the boat while at the same time complimenting the sound for those just along for the ride.

This new Lighted design has an LED Light cluster in one end that is bright enough to light up your entire bow area when you're partying at the sand bar. You can even loosen the clamp and swivel it so there's plenty of light to unload your gear onto your dock on those late evenings coming in off the lake!

Custom drawstring storage bags INCLUDED.

Using our Universal Clamps or our Surface Mount bracket our Tubbies have been used on:

Boats, Jeeps, Golf Carts, Truck Beds, ATVs, UTVs, RVs and much much more...

Download our Sales Flyer for more details.

Mounting Clamps sold separately.

Price #: $649.95


MT81LKW Specification

Power Handling --------------------------------- 150 watts
Sensitivity --------------------------------- 94 dB
Frequency Response --------------------------------- 55Hz - 20kHz
MT-CVR8TB - 8" Deluxe Neoprene Tubbie Covers (Slim line)
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Keep the bug
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MT-LGTKW - Marine Tubbie LED Dock Light Kit (White)
Light up your bow or dock. Designed to easily integrate into
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