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MA-AIC-TRK - Transom Kit

Model #: MA-AIC-TRK

Enjoy the music even when you're enjoying the water! Our Transom Kit includes 2 speakers, an amplifier and a waterproof remote. The waterproof remote lets you decide when and how loud you want to hear your music - when you're swimming off the back of the boat you don’t have to blast the others inside the boat. With our Transom Kit, your music follows you!

No Head Unit? No problem! The Audio Input Control System works with or without a Radio/CD Player. Download a detailed Function Diagram for more details.

A standard Cat5 cable is used to connect the Remote to the Amplfier. Because the length of this cable will vary with every installation, this cable is NOT included.

Price #: $249.95

Installation Manual
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Preview or Safari is needed to view the manuals.

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