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MA-AIC-ATVK - Quad, 4- Wheeler, ATV, UTV Kit

Model #: MA-AIC-ATVK

Our new ATV Kit includes a 2 channel 100 watt amplifier, waterproof remote control, and a 15ft mini jack to RCA input cable. This kit works with any existing audio system and can be connected high or low level. Using the waterproof remote, you can easily turn the speakers connected to the amp on/off, as well as, raise and lower the volume to those speakers independent of your existing audio system.

No Head Unit? No problem! The ATV Kit works with or without a Radio or CD Player. Just plug the 3.5mm to RCA cable into your iPod or MP3 player and your done! Download a detailed Function Diagram for more details.

A standard Cat5 cable is used to connect the Remote to the Amplfier. Because the length of this cable will vary with every installation, this cable is NOT included.

Price #: $169.95

Installation Manual
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Preview or Safari is needed to view the manuals.

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