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VAP180 - Impedance Matching Speaker Distribution Panel
Model #: VAP180

The Vista Acoustics Impedance match panel (VAP180) distribute one speaker level stereo signal to 8 stereo or 16 mono listening zones. The 4 Ohm resistors mounted on the PCB board ensure that the amplifier being used sees a constant impenance load no mater how many zones have been connected and are being used. The PC board mounted input terminals are rated at 30 amps and are capable of ac-cepting up to 10 AWG speaker wire. The right angle speaker output terminals rated at 15 amps will accept up to 12 AWG speaker wire .The white coated metal enclosure features a vented front panel which is easily removed by the sup-plied hard ware. This enclosure also features multiple wire knockouts and grommets (10 supplied) t

Price: $299.95
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VAVC60R - Impedance Matching Rotary Volume Control
Model #: VAVC60R

Vista Rotary Impedance Matching Volume Control (Bone, Ivory, and white plates and knobs included)

Price: $49.95
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VAVC60S - Impedance Matching Slider Volume Control
Model #: VAVC60S

Vista Slider Impedance Matching Volume Control (Bone, Ivory, and white plates and sliders included)

Price: $49.95
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