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Louis6507 09-07-2012 04:56 PM

Hi everybody!
Please allow me to introduce myself; My name is Louis and I live in central Florida. I own a '07 Kia Spectra LX. After recently paying off my auto loan, I have begun upgrading with aftermarket parts.

I already have the pretty standard exhaust and cold-air intake upgrades. With my manual transmission, I enjoy 40+ mpg, when driving conservatively. (^_~) However, with my 5 speed, I can get more than enough acceleration when needed.

So, now begins my audio upgrades. I already have a new JVC head unit (KW-HDR81BT). Just this upgrade alone, really improved the over-all sound in my car. It's improved greatly on my existing factory speakers.

I am choosing to go with a pair of Bazooka bass tubes. The BTA10250D & BT1014, to be exact. I am choosing these tubes because I like the idea of how quickly they can be moved around, if I ever need to reclaim my trunk space.

I see many people enjoy the 8" and 10" tubes that only have 100watt amps, so I'm sure these two 10's pushing the 300watt amp setup will be more than adequate for my needs.

I'll be glad to post pictures and answer any questions once I install them in the next two weeks.

Louis6507 09-07-2012 05:10 PM

Re: Hi everybody!
I do have one question:

To extend the power wire for the BTA10250D, which gauge wire should I use? Will a 4 gauge CCA (copper coated aluminum) kit be enough?

I believe, if I'm reading the online documentation correctly, the unit only comes with about 19" of #12 gauge wire. That's with the "fuse" it mentions, however, is that fuse sufficient for the direct connection to my battery or should I also purchase a traditional amp fuse box?

I'd like to have all of the wiring in place when I receive my tubes, so I can enjoy them as quickly as possible. (^_^) ...I'm so impatient. lol

Also, my head unit has two 2.5v sub RCA connections. If I use those, I can use my HU's built in low-pass filter, to prevent any bass from going to my factory speakers. But, I'm under the impression that 2.5v RCA are "low-power." So, should I just tap into the regular speaker wires? (My HU claims 20 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms, is what it supplies to my speakers.)

I appologize but this is my first sub installation and am confused about the High-Level Input Vs. the RCA input. I thought 2.5v RCA was the higher power, since that's what my HU wants me to use for my sub.

Louis6507 09-08-2012 08:33 AM

Re: Hi everybody!
Just to let everyone know, I've pretty much had all of my questions answered already. If anyone has these same questions, here's the thread:

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