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Amp problems on Harley 2012 FLHX
Bazooka MC-HD-AMK 4-Channel Harley Amplifier Kit . Installed and used with no problem on my 2010 FLHX. Installed it on my new 2012 FLHX with success until one day right turn signal began operating on its own a random times. Could hear a popping thru the speakers with radio off and power switch on with signals working. Disconnected amp and hooked up original factory harness and problem went away?? Dealer was scheduled to look at problem and during checking for codes is when we noticed popping. They were perplexed by problem but glad I was able to unhook the amp and not them to charge me a diagnostic fee for aftermarket item installed. Anybody ever heard of this or ran into it?

Geneh 07-27-2012 08:09 AM

Re: Amp problems on Harley 2012 FLHX
Try moving your ground to different locations. I don't think the turn signals go through the radio harness. I think the amp is picking up the noise from the ground.
Also did you hook the power wire directly to the battery. If you got your 12 vdc from another location this could be your problem also. 07-27-2012 11:27 PM

Re: Amp problems on Harley 2012 FLHX
I suspected a ground issue as it can create strange things to occur. I ran it to a lug on the main frame goose neck.
The positive is run off of the battery from a dedicated wire.
I guess I need to talk with a Bazooka Tech, the amp may have went bezerk, but I just don't see why the turn signal of all circuits be tied to the radio?

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